TS6 - Probiotic - This product can reduce the severity and duration of bacterial diarrhea, and effective use for allergy
TS6 (Probiotic) - This product can reduce the severity and duration of bacterial diarrhea, and effective use for allergy,l actose intolerance, asthma,Colon, Cancer Prevention, Enhance immune system/curb inflammation for Anti-Aging and overall health improvement.

TR Absolute Lift ..The Arts of BEAUTY
• TR Absolute Lift : Integrated Facial Contour with Specialist Physicians. Price : Start at 20,000 THB* *Include Consults with Physicians , Operation , Anesthetic agents and Take home drugs in course regimen. more info : 089-477-4556

“Troya’ Advanced Mitonutrients”
Anti-Wrinkle Serum Best in 2012 (seven days formula) for skin recovery. Price 5,500 baht (1,200 baht per lamp purchased separately). • For more information / Order 02-253-1010 or 086-972-4540.

03 May 2013
Event Organizer Services
Event Organizer Services
15 Nov 2012
S Medical Spa
The MediSpa of The Year 2012

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Pakpilai Thavisin, M.D.
Will hurt or not, for Colon Hydrotherapy (Detox)?         
Do not worry about all the pain for doing Colon Hydrotherapy (Detox).

S (ensational) Cuisine
Healthy & low fat food simply equal less flavour, right? Wrong! a new restaurant which is part of the award-winning S Medical Spa complex.“Without compromising on flavours, today’s health cuisine is as yummy as you want it to be,” guarantees Ob-oom “Mini C”.

New Address S Medical Clinic: starting from 01 August 2013.
S Medical Spa will be moving to Lake Ratchada Building
Anti Fat กำจัดไขมันเฉพาะส่วน
เชื่อว่าหนุ่มๆสาวๆ หลายคนพบปัญหากับไขมันส่วนเกิน และยังคงไม่รู้จะกำจัดทิ้งได้อย่างไร!
Bio-Energy Medicine
Our body comprises of energy balance.Any blockage of energy flow causes dis-ease.To maintain the optimal energy in our body is crucial for our health.

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